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Getting to know our readers


The students in JK and SG have been learning how to analyse data.  To develop our skills we would like you to complete the following survey which has been designed by the students.  You might notice that some of the questions are very similar as we would also like to compare which question gave us […]

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StEPS Radio


Hello Everybody,   We have a radio called StEPS Radio. I’m one of the StEPS leaders which means every time we have a radio assembly, I will go and help Mrs Gage with our fortnightly radio assembly. This fortnight it is my community, 4SGK. We have been discussing and coming up with ideas.   Where […]

iPad Licences


The excitement this year with having access to our own iPads has been phenomenal.  We have been learning about how to use iPads appropriately and so far we have all earnt our Learners Permit. Photo Credit: albyantoniazzi via Compfight cc As there are lots of skills involved with using this learning tool, the teachers would […]

States Of Matter


Hello Everyone, Level 4’s have been learning about States Of Matter. WHAT IS MATTER??? Matter is everything around you, it was pretty much whatever takes up space!! Even though matter can be found all over the world (UNIVERSE) you can only find it in a few forms. There are 3 main forms which are Solids, Liquids and Gases. Solids=Solids have their […]

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