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4AP ‘Snow Falling’ and ‘Grazed Knee’ Learning Intention: use a picture prompt to write a descriptive text. 4AP were given two images to use to inspire them to write a ‘powerful paragraph’. We used Lane Clark’s AuthorThink process to get our work ready to publish. This included getting feedback from peers, their teacher and self editing. […]

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Constructive Feedback


Hey Everybody, This term in Media we have been learning to give constructive feedback. What is constructive feedback? Constructive feedback is where you give other people feedback in a nice, kind and positive way. What are some examples of Constructive feedback? I really enjoyed your video. My favorite part was when they showed what the bully looked like. […]

Where To Find Our Powerful Paragraghs


Welcome to our blog. For the last two weeks we have been learning how to write a powerful paragragh. To vist our english page, where our powerful paragraghs are please click on the hyperlink 5/6 JK : 5/6 SG : We would welcome any feedback you would like to give on our powerful paragraphs. What do […]



CONGRATULATIONS…..  To Rozetta, Shannon and Emily who got past districts into division which must be extremly excited. Also great job to all the children that got into districts and tried to run their fastest to try and get into the top 15 at least you had a go because you would be happy that you […]

States Of Matter – Our Challenge


Hello Everyone, You may have seen, marie made a post about states of matter, which is our inquiry topic. Check out the post here, iF you haven’t already :   We were given a challenge by oour teachers.The challenge was we would all be in groups of twelve and would we have to plan, design, prepare and serve a three course […]

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