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CONGRATULATIONS…..  To Rozetta, Shannon and Emily who got past districts into division which must be extremly excited. Also great job to all the children that got into districts and tried to run their fastest to try and get into the top 15 at least you had a go because you would be happy that you […]

States Of Matter


Hello Everyone, Level 4’s have been learning about States Of Matter. WHAT IS MATTER??? Matter is everything around you, it was pretty much whatever takes up space!! Even though matter can be found all over the world (UNIVERSE) you can only find it in a few forms. There are 3 main forms which are Solids, Liquids and Gases. Solids=Solids have their […]

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Sport Captains- Running Club


Hello Everyone, I’m here to talk about the running club that the sports captains are running for the whole year if possible!  There are 4 different colours: Red, yellow, green, blue. First blue is doing the beep test, green is doing laps around the oval, red is doing gang up tigy, yellow are doing laps […]

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