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States Of Matter – Our Challenge


Hello Everyone,

You may have seen, marie made a post about states of matter, which is our inquiry topic. Check out the post here, iF you haven’t already :


We were given a challenge by oour teachers.The challenge was we would all be in groups of twelve and would we have to plan, design, prepare and serve a three course meal, for fifeteen people. We were all really excited because we get to do something new and something we have never done before.


When we got our challenge, our teachers said when we do have states of matter in our agenda, they would make these groups where we can learn more things for our challenge, for example how soilds can change into liquids and what state change it was.

Are you excited for our challenge? What are you most excited about?

What do you think we need to do to prepare for this challenge?

Have you ever done this at your school? How was it?

What dishes are you thinking of doing?


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States Of Matter


Hello Everyone,

Level 4’s have been learning about States Of Matter.


Matter is everything around you, it was pretty much whatever takes up space!! Even though matter can be found all over the world (UNIVERSE) you can only find it in a few forms. There are 3 main forms which are Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Solids=Solids have their own shapes and properties. Solids can be only found hard, solids can be wood, plastic or metal.

Liquids= Liquids can be found wet sticky and slippery. Liquids don’t have a shape unless they are put in a cup or containers.

Gases=Gases can be invisible and smell. Some gases are the sun, air and breath, all of these gases are invisible.

What have you learnt in States of Matter?

What is something you know about the 3 main forms?

What are the other forms of matter?


From Marie                                     

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