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Cross Arts


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This term the Level 4’s are putting on a crossarts performance called “Beauty IS The Beast.”

The play has 6 scenes and multiple lead characters allowing many students to have a speaking role. The students have had to work hard memorising their lines, adding expression to their voice and learning stage presence.

We will perform the play twice, Monday for a dress rehearsal for the whole school and some family members and then on Tuesday evening we will perform it for all of our families.
 What is your role in our performance?

 What school performances have you been involved in?
This is for Challenge 7 in the Student Blogging Challenge.

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10 Things About Term 2


Welcome back to a very busy but exciting Term 2.

One of the themes of the Student Blogging Challenge has been to relate to the number 10.


So here are 10 things I am looking forward to at school this term:

  1. Life Ed van
  2. Cross Arts performance
  3. Cross Country
  4. Radio Assembly
  5. Mothers’ Day cupcakes afternoon and stall
  6. Winter Interschool Sports
  7. Pentecost and Confirmation Rite of Enrolment
  8. Mini Vinnies cluster day
  9. Progress Interviews
  10. Gift Giving Mass

 What events are you looking forward to?

Do you do any similar events at your school?

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Challenge 1 – Getting Started


To help develop all of our blogging skills we have signed up to be a part of the Student Blogging Challenge that began at the start of March.  Each week there will be a new challenge with choices available to us.

Challenge 1 is focused on the question “Who Am I?”

Some of our tasks are:

  • develop our “About Us” page.  I wonder how we could improve the basic information I have started with?  What photos could we include?
  • complete our individual Profile pages.  Most of the students in 4SGK should have this completed if they were able to access their email and Global 2 accounts last Friday.  Students from 4GPS in 2012 should also be familiar with this, or you can click on the Challenge 1 link and there is a great picture and instructions to help you.
  • create avatars to upload to your profile.  Again there are some ideas on the Challenge 1 link to help you.  The avatar is going to be a digital representation of yourself.  Remember to think about what your created avatar says about you in a global environment!

Buddy Classes

We have been assigned 2 class blogs that we are asked to visit regularly and comment on.  These classes are:

Phenomenal 15  This blog belongs to a class from a small country school in NSW, Australia.

Mrs Vilas’s Fabulous Fourth Grade Writers  This blog belongs to a fourth grade class in New Jersey, USA.  If you look at our ClustrMap, it looks like this class might have tried to visit us already!  The red dot on the right hand side of the USA is close to where New Jersey is.

Of course there are many other classes participating in this challenge and you are welcome to visit their blogs and leave comments.  You can find some of these in our blogroll in the side bar or by clicking here.  Remember when you are writing comments that you follow our guidelines.

If you would like to put a link in your comment you need to know the following html code, without the spaces between the < and a: < a href=”the http website address “>text you would like to display when you put the link in< /a>

When you visited other class blogs, what did you like about it?

What caught your eye?

Did you find any interesting posts?


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