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@ St Elizabeth's Primary School

World Issues Meeting


Dear Bloggers ,

Do you have any global issues you would like to arise ? 

A few examples are : 

Athletes taking supplements 

Terrorist attack on young  soldier 

Baby survives after being flushed down the toilet .

Give me your opinion .

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Grazed knee

                             Grazed  knee
On Tuesday I went down to the park and I was having so much fun enjoying my self and there was so much to do I had to strat with one thing and keep going.
While I was having so much fun I fall over I grazed my knee badly.My knee was bleeding like burning hot laver coming at of a volcano.I started crying it hurts that bad I called not walk home like this I said to my self to sat down for a while thin I thought to my self I can walk home now it can’t be that bad so I got up and went home in pain.
What do you think of my story?
When I got home my mum s
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Science Works!


Hi Everyone,

On Tuesday on the 23rd of July all of Level 4 went on excursion to the one and only Science works!!

We did heaps of stuff like watch the lighting show! Did you know that if you stand under a tree during a storm, you will properly get electrocuted?!

We also got to watch a Science Show where we learnt about Liquid Nitrogen, like it’s so cold, if you touch it you’ll get burnt!

Have you been to Science Works?

What did you do there?

Did you have fun?

From: Taymin

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Term 3 Excitement


Wow, we are already half way through the school year!

Term 3 has begun and we have lots to look forward to.

What are you looking forward to?

What do you hope to learn this term?

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4AP ‘Snow Falling’ and ‘Grazed Knee’

Learning Intention: use a picture prompt to write a descriptive text.

4AP were given two images to use to inspire them to write a ‘powerful paragraph’.

We used Lane Clark’s AuthorThink process to get our work ready to publish. This included getting feedback from peers, their teacher and self editing. We then published our work in a class book and are now publishing online.

Descriptions about the following image of falling snow can be found at

 animated falling snow photo: falling snow tree 27488-snow-falling-animated-wallpap.gif
Description about the following image of falling a grazed knee can be found at

We would like to ask readers to give us some feedback!

Preferably two pieces of warm feedback (what they did well) and one piece of cool feedback (what could they do to further improve it in regards to the learning intention).

For example,

I like the way you tried to use very specific and sophisticated descriptive words like ’serene’ instead of a more general descriptive word like ‘quiet’. You also used figurative language reall well to help describe the movement of the snow and it helped me visualise what it looked like.

You could have improved your paragraph further by focusing even more on the description of what you could and less on the story and what was happening.


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Constructive Feedback


Hey Everybody,

This term in Media we have been learning to give constructive feedback.

What is constructive feedback?

Constructive feedback is where you give other people feedback in a nice, kind and positive way.

What are some examples of Constructive feedback?

I really enjoyed your video. My favorite part was when they showed what the bully looked like. One thing you could do next time is film in a quieter area because in some parts it was hard to hear. Other than that, I really liked it.

What are some examples of just feedback?

That video was boring! 

That video was good!

Why is this feedback bad?

This feedback is bad because it is not stating why it was good or boring and with the boring one it is mean. 

Is this better?

Your video was really good because it showed how many children get cyber bullied each year. One area of improvement is to speak a bit louder or move to a quieter area. Be sides that, it was a great video!

Why is it good to give constructive feedback?

How does constructive feedback help us?

Have you learnt about giving feedback and constructive feedback in  your school?

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Where To Find Our Powerful Paragraghs


Welcome to our blog. For the last two weeks we have been learning how to write a powerful paragragh.

To vist our english page, where our powerful paragraghs are please click on the hyperlink

5/6 JK :

5/6 SG :

We would welcome any feedback you would like to give on our powerful paragraphs.

What do you think we have done well?

Where could we improve?

By Jonathan and Mikkel

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To Rozetta, Shannon and Emily who got past districts into division which must be extremly excited. Also great job to all the children that got into districts and tried to run their fastest to try and get into the top 15 at least you had a go because you would be happy that you got that far.

Have heaps of fun Rozetta, Shannan and Emily running on Friday. We will all miss you and will be thinking of you.

From Marie

Have you made it past distrcits into division? If you have what did it feel like?  

Was it a hard course to run?           


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StEPS Radio


Hello Everybody,


We have a radio called StEPS Radio. I’m one of the StEPS leaders which means every time we have a radio assembly, I will go and help Mrs Gage with our fortnightly radio assembly. This fortnight it is my community, 4SGK. We have been discussing and coming up with ideas.


Where can you find this radio and listen to it??? Here is the website link –

We have our weekly assembly on Mondays, hosted by our School captains, Bianca, Kristen, Shannan and Daniel. Which is in the PAC; Performing Arts Centre.

Do you have a Radio Assembly at your school?

Are you enjoying our Radio Assemblies?

What do you like the most? What do you dislike the most?

What could we add to our Radio Assemblies?

Name 2 – 3  suggestions that we could do on the radio assemblies 

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iPad Licences


The excitement this year with having access to our own iPads has been phenomenal.  We have been learning about how to use iPads appropriately and so far we have all earnt our Learners Permit.

Photo Credit: albyantoniazzi via Compfight cc

As there are lots of skills involved with using this learning tool, the teachers would like to hear from the students about what they think about the various skills needed.
What skills do you think students need to demonstrate to earn their Learners Licence?

What skills do you think students need to demonstrate to earn their Provisional Licence?

What skills do you think students need to demonstrate to earn their Full Licence?

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