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Constructive Feedback


Hey Everybody,

This term in Media we have been learning to give constructive feedback.

What is constructive feedback?

Constructive feedback is where you give other people feedback in a nice, kind and positive way.

What are some examples of Constructive feedback?

I really enjoyed your video. My favorite part was when they showed what the bully looked like. One thing you could do next time is film in a quieter area because in some parts it was hard to hear. Other than that, I really liked it.

What are some examples of just feedback?

That video was boring! 

That video was good!

Why is this feedback bad?

This feedback is bad because it is not stating why it was good or boring and with the boring one it is mean. 

Is this better?

Your video was really good because it showed how many children get cyber bullied each year. One area of improvement is to speak a bit louder or move to a quieter area. Be sides that, it was a great video!

Why is it good to give constructive feedback?

How does constructive feedback help us?

Have you learnt about giving feedback and constructive feedback in  your school?

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Where To Find Our Powerful Paragraghs


Welcome to our blog. For the last two weeks we have been learning how to write a powerful paragragh.

To vist our english page, where our powerful paragraghs are please click on the hyperlink

5/6 JK :

5/6 SG :

We would welcome any feedback you would like to give on our powerful paragraphs.

What do you think we have done well?

Where could we improve?

By Jonathan and Mikkel

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To Rozetta, Shannon and Emily who got past districts into division which must be extremly excited. Also great job to all the children that got into districts and tried to run their fastest to try and get into the top 15 at least you had a go because you would be happy that you got that far.

Have heaps of fun Rozetta, Shannan and Emily running on Friday. We will all miss you and will be thinking of you.

From Marie

Have you made it past distrcits into division? If you have what did it feel like?  

Was it a hard course to run?           


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States Of Matter – Our Challenge


Hello Everyone,

You may have seen, marie made a post about states of matter, which is our inquiry topic. Check out the post here, iF you haven’t already :


We were given a challenge by oour teachers.The challenge was we would all be in groups of twelve and would we have to plan, design, prepare and serve a three course meal, for fifeteen people. We were all really excited because we get to do something new and something we have never done before.


When we got our challenge, our teachers said when we do have states of matter in our agenda, they would make these groups where we can learn more things for our challenge, for example how soilds can change into liquids and what state change it was.

Are you excited for our challenge? What are you most excited about?

What do you think we need to do to prepare for this challenge?

Have you ever done this at your school? How was it?

What dishes are you thinking of doing?


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Getting to know our readers


The students in JK and SG have been learning how to analyse data.  To develop our skills we would like you to complete the following survey which has been designed by the students.  You might notice that some of the questions are very similar as we would also like to compare which question gave us more accurate data.

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StEPS Radio


Hello Everybody,


We have a radio called StEPS Radio. I’m one of the StEPS leaders which means every time we have a radio assembly, I will go and help Mrs Gage with our fortnightly radio assembly. This fortnight it is my community, 4SGK. We have been discussing and coming up with ideas.


Where can you find this radio and listen to it??? Here is the website link –

We have our weekly assembly on Mondays, hosted by our School captains, Bianca, Kristen, Shannan and Daniel. Which is in the PAC; Performing Arts Centre.

Do you have a Radio Assembly at your school?

Are you enjoying our Radio Assemblies?

What do you like the most? What do you dislike the most?

What could we add to our Radio Assemblies?

Name 2 – 3  suggestions that we could do on the radio assemblies 

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iPad Licences


The excitement this year with having access to our own iPads has been phenomenal.  We have been learning about how to use iPads appropriately and so far we have all earnt our Learners Permit.

Photo Credit: albyantoniazzi via Compfight cc

As there are lots of skills involved with using this learning tool, the teachers would like to hear from the students about what they think about the various skills needed.
What skills do you think students need to demonstrate to earn their Learners Licence?

What skills do you think students need to demonstrate to earn their Provisional Licence?

What skills do you think students need to demonstrate to earn their Full Licence?

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States Of Matter


Hello Everyone,

Level 4’s have been learning about States Of Matter.


Matter is everything around you, it was pretty much whatever takes up space!! Even though matter can be found all over the world (UNIVERSE) you can only find it in a few forms. There are 3 main forms which are Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Solids=Solids have their own shapes and properties. Solids can be only found hard, solids can be wood, plastic or metal.

Liquids= Liquids can be found wet sticky and slippery. Liquids don’t have a shape unless they are put in a cup or containers.

Gases=Gases can be invisible and smell. Some gases are the sun, air and breath, all of these gases are invisible.

What have you learnt in States of Matter?

What is something you know about the 3 main forms?

What are the other forms of matter?


From Marie                                     

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Towards the end of last term I signed our blog up to take part in a QuadBlogging round. The following video explains the concept nice and simply:

We have been placed in a quad with:

7X Skills For Learning

Awahono’s Room 6

Upper Juniors Pewithall

At the moment our coordinator is working out the order setting out when each blog will be the focus.


What are you looking forward to most with our QuadBlogging experience?

Has your class taken part in QuadBlogging?

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Sport Captains- Running Club


Hello Everyone,

I’m here to talk about the running club that the sports captains are running for the whole year if possible!  There are 4 different colours: Red, yellow, green, blue. First blue is doing the beep test, green is doing laps around the oval, red is doing gang up tigy, yellow are doing laps or beep test again and we keep doing the same things but each colour does something different.

We are doing this so that the grade 3, 4, 5 and 6’s train for cross country.

From Marie

Does your school have sports captains?

Do you do cross country every year and do you enjoy it?

Have you ever been in the 10 which means you go to district?

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